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Buying Wholesale Brand Name Clothing

Buying clothing wholesale lots at DLM has proven to be the buying method of choice for discount retailers, small chains, and boutique shops all over the world.

Buying in lots, by definition, is buying items in bulk to get better pricing. At DLM, buying a wholesale lot means you get the merchandise exactly how we got it in from our supplier. Many times the price is lower because we have not put any labor into it and the quantities are much higher.

We acquire lots from upscale department stores all across the country. We always have lots direct from this store and often give them away at close to cost or very close to margin. Clothing wholesale lots come in various sizes.

Quantities can be from a couple of hundred pieces to thousands of pieces depending on how the department store liquidated the stocks. Wholesale clothing Dona Rico

As another clothing wholesale lot option, we will customize our merchandise in small lots of multiple items, called packages. We create these packages based on your request, be it with regards to price, designers, category, style, color, or whatever else you can think of. This is what we call assorted items. Lots are a great way to fill up your store in the most economical fashion

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