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Top frequently asked questions
Is the photo the actual items you will get?
Usually, it is just a representation of the brand or category. If it says "assorted" usually that means it’s going to be a mix. Our stocks are very vast and varied so many times, it’s just not possible to take a photo of each style.

What is the minimum?
If it doesn't state specifically in the listing then the default quantity is the minimum. You can get any number of units above the minimum. For example, if the minimum is 24, you could get 51 pieces if you so choose.

What is the difference between buying online and picking at the warehouse?
It is the same inventory but we will pick it for you online and you will pick it yourself at the warehouse.

What is your return policy?
Officially it is "all sales final". However, if there is a mistake on your order we will try to accommodate you.